Thamel, Kathmandu,Nepal


Tourist Bus Service In Nepal

Tourist bus service in Nepal provides bus service to the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal. The tourist bus operates daily and the buses are of international standard. Two categories of tourist buses are operated in Nepal, Regular tourist bus which fits best to your budget and deluxe tourist bus which rewards you with luxury and comfort for your travel. Both regular and deluxe tourist bus service runs to Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini daily and they operate both ways.

Plan Nepal Adventure has many partner bus agencies from the beginning of their bus services in Nepal. Our main partners in the field of tourist bus service in Nepal are Green Line, Mountain Overland Travel, Loyal Travel, Blue Sky Travel, Holiday Adventure etc. As we are partner agency with these tourist bus services in Nepal, we can issue your bus ticket with very short notice time as well. Travelling with tourist buses in Nepal can be a cheaper alternative to flight and issuing your tourist bus ticket through a trustworthy travel agency can make a huge difference during your travel.

Plan Nepal Adventure has been providing tourist bus services (A/c and non A/c) in the following sectors:



Kathmandu to Pokhara (Vice- versa)

7.00 am Daily

Kathmandu to Chitwan (Vice- versa)

7.00 am Daily

Pokhara to Chitwan (Vice-versa)

7.30 am Daily

Kathmandu to Lumbini (Vice- versa)

7.00 am Daily

Kathmandu to Dhunche

7.00 am Daily

Kathmandu to Jiri

7.00 am Daily

Kathmandu to Dumre/ Beshi sahar

7.00 am Daily

Kathmandu to Bandipur

7.00 am Daily


Plan Nepal Adventure also provides non- scheduled (hire/ reserve) service of private car, van, Hiace, bus, land cruiser, land rover, etc to any destination of Nepal.