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Himalayan White Water Rafting in Nepal

Nepal is home to eight out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world with colorful and intricate Hindu religion to the austerity of the Buddhist monasteries. From these breathtaking heights, rivers crash down through the foothills, fed by monsoon rains and melting snow, on their way to the Great Plains of the Ganges.

Nepal has many rivers for you to explore: Trishuli River (rafting for 1 up to 3 days), Seti River (2 days trip), Bhote Khosi River (2 days rafting trip), Kali Gandaki River (3 days rafting), Marshyangdi River (4 days), Sun Koshi River (7 up to 9 days rafting), Arun River (9 days of rafting adventure), Karnali River (10 days of whitewater rafting), Tamur River (11 days whitewater adventure). On these rivers you will find the world's most thrilling whitewaters with a wide range of difficulties, warm water and bug free beaches for camping. All this makes a wealth of unlimited opportunities for great rafting, kayaking, Climbing, Mountaineering, biking, hiking and ever popular trekking adventures in Nepal. Nepal has something to offer to everyone.

With its wide range of rivers and wealth of challenging rapids, Nepal is the perfect destination for kayaking. Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced white water kayaker keen to tackle one of our more challenging rivers, we can arrange a fun and rewarding kayaking experience for you.

Trishuli River Rafting

Rafting on the Trishuli River is an excellent opportunity to observe the diversity of demography, landscapes, and cultural heritage and the flora and fauna. You can experience the thrills of white-water on the course of three days trip. This can be degraded as per your interest and time.

The Trishuli River is the most easily accessible from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Royal Chitwan National Park by far a trip on this river can be made for a varied duration, depending upon the availability of time and interest. Scenic valleys and impressive gorges, exhilarating rapids and easier sections as well as the right amount of time all make it the perfect trip for first-time or experienced rafters

Kaligandaki River Rafting

Rafting on Kaligandaki River is Nepal’s intermediate time-span river trip, tumultuous rapids connected by abrupt drop, white water, world’ deepest gorges, rich wildlife, historical places and a feeling of solitude. The river Kaligandaki is named after goddess Kali, it rises in Mustang, an enclave of Nepal poking in to Tibet on the northern side of the Himalayan range. It flows between the high Himalayas Dhualagiri and Annapurna creating the world’s deepest gorge and then into an arid open valley. Rafting this river, riding through technical rapids, challenging the medium and lower flows is lots of fun. Being Kali’s river it is considered particularly holy and the confluence of every tributary is marked by cremation sites.

Bhote Koshi River Rafting

The Bhote Koshi is known as the River from Tibet and you can start a trip after a peak over the border into Tibet. The Kathmandu – Lhasa Highway (AKA Friendship Highway, Arniko Highway ) runs along beside the river. You can run a day trip or do a two-day expedition and run parts of the river twice. It’s a great beginner river for rafters and fun for kayakers at all levels. Bhote Koshi is the beautiful for adventure trip with very steep and basically non-stop mountain river only 3 hours drives from Kathmandu offering tow days of intense and challenging river activity. You are beginning to understand what this great trip in Nepal offers you nothing less than the ride of a lifetime. If you have never rafted before and if you have limited time but desire an adrenaline overload, then this is a perfect introductory trip package for you because of the Bhote Koshi is probably the most exciting short rafting trip in Nepal and best white water adventure in the world.

The Karnali River

Karnali (Lower) river starts from Sauli (560m) and flows to Chisapani (195m) covering distance of 180 kms. The river is approachable from Kathmandu to Surkhet by flight via Nepaljung or by vehicle and from Surkhet to raft start-in point. The river days would be from 5 to 7. The difficulty in class is 4 – to (5). The Karnali one of finest big volume rafting and kayaking trips in Nepal, and definitely the best combination trip: for trekking, white water rafting and wilderness – a World Classic!. Spectacular jungle-clad canyons, BIG white water and abundant wildlife – We recommend this as one of the ultimate trips for adventurous rafters and kayakers seeking excitement and wilderness.

The Karnali is Nepal‘s longest and largest river and with its tribuatries, it drains most of the Far West of Nepal – the “Wild West” as many people call it. This bottom section of the river definitely lives up to that name – the area that it flows through is wild and unpolluted with some of the most pristine jungle scenery in Nepal, and abundant wildlife.

The rapids are also pretty wild, with the river building to its climax in these lower canyons. Shortly after the sharp bend in the river ‘the elbow’ by the Lohore river, the valley narrows into a series of canyons, the river speeds up, and there are big rapids, one leading into another, almost continuously down to the Seti River. From the ‘Elbow’ down to the Seti the gradient is 3.0% (15 ft a mile), but after here, the gradient eases, as the river winds through some magnificent upspoilt scenery, eventually emerging onto the plains and flowing through the Royal Bardiya Wildlife Reserve to join the Ganges.In terms of volume, the river is comparable to the Sun Koshi, but the Karnali is more constrained by its Canyon walls; giving bigger, more continuous and serious rapids. This constrained nature of the river means that any increase in volume has a more pronounced effect on the difficulty of the rapids and this makes it a river that is best run at low flows – November through to April. Highest extreme instantaneous discharge measured at Chisapani

Sunkoshi River Rafting

We travel by surface to Dolalghat your raft ‘put-in-point’ covering the distance of 57kms in about 3 hrs. Your excitement starts and ends only after you covered 210kms of wild stretches, calm flows through high rock strewn passages eventually emerging form the mountains to the flat plains of southern Nepal .

One of the 10th classic and best white water journeys on Sunkoshi (river of gold) is in Nepal offers a longest river trip and the most fascinating among the few rivers, which flow down from snow-capped mountains. Big rapes, warm water, beautiful scenery and great camping makes this is a classic multi-day river trip. There will be a great trip for intermediate and advanced kayakers. At its best in medium to high flows. This enchanting river expedition of 9 days will definitely be the highlight of you visit to Nepal, its memory shall last forever and ever … Sunkoshi is an unpredictable river, it has its own moods, serene, calm and tranquil one moment, wile and turbulent the next, always changing, always challenging, the ultimate in the river adventure. So, Sun Koshi is famous in rafting circles, and with good reasons.

Bheri River Rafting

This must be one over your premier rafting trips in Nepal. Is has some of the best fishing in Nepal, together with beautiful and diverse scenery, lots of wildlife and unspoiled villages. Two large tributaries, the Thuli (large) and the Sani (small) join at Ramnagat to form the main Bheri River.

Fly Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and drive two hours to the raft put in point at Sanjighat. Trip ends at Chisapani. Drive or fly back to Kathmandu.  

The Seti River

Most of the year, the Seti (class 2 to 3+) famous for its dazzling scenery is a gentle river, attracting families, bird watchers, nature lovers and dreamers. However, during the monsoon, its swollen rapids prove an exciting test for experienced rafters and kayakers. Seti is Best River for learning kayak in Nepal.